The House on the Moon


Hey there, human being! Welcome to The House on the Moon! Our little house is located on the hidden side of the Moon, that's why you won't see it through any telescope, although some nights, when the night is clear you may be able to see the roof.

The House on the Moon is mainly run by Viu, an astronaut only in her imagination and an illustrator and designer in real life. She's formerly known online as VforViu.

Yes, every piece is designed and made with special care and love by Viu, as if each and every single one was meant to be for ourselves, this means we don’t consider an item finished until it’s perfect.

We offer a nice variety of products from prints to pouches and from zines to decals, they are all inspired by the marvelous things that surround us, being nature and space our main inspiration. If you're a nature lover and are also attracted by gravity and cosmic particles, we are convinced you'll like it in here. 

Stay for as long as you want and you'll be very welcome to come again, just make sure to take the right spaceship to come up here, or you may end up in Mars!


When are you shipping my order?
Please, allow 5-6 working days from the time of purchase to prepare your order. Once it is shipped, we will notify you via email.

Where are your items made?

If stated otherwise, all our products are manufactured in sunny Barcelona, Catalonia. Keeping it local.

Who is the designer of your decals?
Viu is the brain and maker behind all this.

Are you attending any markets/fairs?
Check out this page to see if there are any fairs scheduled.

Got any question? Contact us!