The House on the Moon
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Are you one of those people that when night falls can't do anything but raise your head up to the sky looking for the big moon? Or maybe you even own a telescope to look at the little shiny dots in the sky? Maybe you even know the names of the constellations above your head! Either way (and even if you don't) this set is for you.

For Space lovers like myself, I bring you this puzzle pack of 7 small decals for you to arrange in any place and position you want. You will be able to create a cute tiny cosmos full of stars, planets, UFOs and rockets!

You can put these wherever you want, and in any order you want (they come in separate sheets). You can stick them in your laptop, your desktop, your face, or even stick them to mirrors and windows if you feel like it!!

Designed with extra love, let's create your own cosmos!

Homemade vinyl stickers designed and cut by me.


You can choose between black and white.
The groups of decals measure between 3 to 7 cm. The whole composition measures around 10 x 10 cm


Please, make sure you clean the surface with some alcohol before sticking any decal.
As it contains small parts, to ensure a long life of the decal, consider placing it somewhere free of friction, or protecting it.

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