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The Explorers of the Woods / Nature coloring activity zine
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The Explorers of the Woods / Nature coloring activity zine

Illustrated zine for coloring, drawing and mind games solving. Pump up your creativity levels to the maximum with this cool fanzine. Excellent for the holidays! And for any other day!

This is an access pass to enter the
The Explorers of the Woods (EotW) crew. As an applicant you will have to complete the exercises proposed in this manual and you will finally be assigned in one of the six groups that compose the EotW.

Especially directed to people who love painting, drawing and mind games that also love Nature and everything wild. The zine is set in the Woods, where a group of young Explorers venture themselves to protect the most precious thing on Earth, nature.

Designed, illustrated and thought by Viu (me!) with the collaboration of Silbubble.

26 pages full of illustrations, games and exercises to let your creativity flow.
Size: 148 x 210 mm (A5).
Paper: 100gsm uncoated paper.
 Binding: saddle stitched.
Colors: Black and white.

Available in Catalan, Spanish and English.
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