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The Amazing Summer Fun Pack / Coloring and games fanzines
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The Amazing Summer Fun Pack / Coloring and games fanzines

The so long waited holidays have arrived and you don't really know what to do on those chill afternoons in the countryside. While chilling and doing absolutely nothing are pretty good plans in a society full of rush and stress, keeping your mind distracted with some really fun games and illustrations can be a sweet deal too.
That is why I am offering you the incredible Summer Fun Pack, which contains the Rebel Fruits zine, the Explorers of the Galaxy zine plus the fresh new zine of the Explorers of the Woods!

3 zines, 66 pages full of illustrations, games and exercises to let your creativity flow.
☞ Size: 148 x 210 mm (A5) / 138 x 100 mm (A6 aprox)..
☞ Paper: 80gsm uncoated paper / 100gsm uncoated paper.
☞ Binding: saddle stitched.
☞ Colors: Black and white / Blue and pink.
☞ Language: Available in English, Catalan and Spanish. Rebel Fruits zine is only available in English.
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